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The new ATEM PRO.

The new Atem Pro. Available now!

Do you want to be among the early adopters of the new ATEM PRO? Easy: just order it in our webshop. In case you have questions or remarks, just send a mail to – or use our contact form down below.

For people with glasses

less foggy glasses thanks to a directed flow of air

For People with breathing difficulties

more fresh air, less jammed air

For Influencers

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Atem Pro

Protected breathing made simple.




Atem Pro makes wearing a mask easier - and thus increases the safety for everyone.

Daniel, Founder

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Working and Living. Improved.

The most important Features

Enjoy your activities.

Improved breathing while Shopping, on public transport and everywhere else where you need to wear a mask.


The mask can just be clipped into the ATEM PRO and is thus easily stowed away.

Secure and clean.

Atem Pro secures the protective function of the mask and its fitting on mouth and nose. At the same time, ATEM PRO makes it easier for everybody to wear a mask.

Clear view.

The fogging of glasses is greatly reduced by directing the warm, moist stream of used air downwards.

Longer usage time.

Atem Pro makes it possible to wear masks for a long time without problems of germination or dampness. Thus, the proper function of the mask is preserved for hours.


Atem Pro is unobtrusive and at the same time serves as a pleasant accessory.


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