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About us

Why GER +?

Safety. With added comfort.

We want to make the average day easier for everybody. Improvements and support in daily routines: that is our mission, that is what motivates us every day.
Our first product is all about the most basic of all human activities: breathing! Facilitating this basic need is therefore truly worth the effort.
Please have a look around, discover our products and write us about all the challenges that you stumble upon on your average day - so that we can think about how to solve them. For you.

Who is the head behind this?

My Name is Daniel Gerjets and I am the founder of GER +. I have developed the Atem Pro and have lots of ideas for new products and solutions . You too? Please write me a message then and let us have some fruitful conversations.

Best regards,

Daniel Gerjets 

Lighten up your average day.